Friday, January 16, 2009

Why We Fight

The "Conscience Rule," as described by Centinelle over the past week, was President Bush's parting gift to the right-wing faction in the Republican party. It was an attack on birth control, an attack on reproductive choice, and an insult to the American people. This legislation can only lead to the degradation of reproductive health care, particularly for poor and uninsured women.

Yesterday, Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of seven states, seeking a court order to block the new rule. We are reviving a strong pro-choice climate in Connecticut, illustrated by our state taking the lead in fighting this legislation. As our country ushers in a new pro-choice President, Connecticut needs to maintain a leadership role. It's easy to fall into complacency, but there is still work to be done. We deserve a collective high five, but the game's not over yet.

And on a lighter note, enjoy these letters of Presidential advice to Obama from a bunch of kids, as featured in the New York Times Opinion section today. They're priceless!

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