Friday, March 27, 2009

Abortion & Pregnancy Counseling on TV

Created by: Jillian

The U.K. is proposing to allow abortion and pregnancy counseling advertising on TV. The proposal would also require that services who don't offer abortion as an option make that clear in their advertising.

Wonderful news! Way to be U.K!

The proposed changes would impose a new "social responsibility" rule for television and radio, ensuring that ads are "legal, decent, honest and truthful". The U.K. has the worst teen pregnancy rate in Western Europe, but not as bad as the US.

And here in the US, we don't even have a standard approach to teaching youth comprehensive sex education.

I think that if we are going to permit highly sexualized television shows, like The Bachelor, Double Shot of Love, 90210, and the like to be on TV during hours when children and teens are obviously watching, why wouldn't we offer socially responsible advertising?

What do you think?

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