Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad call on Super Bowl anti-abortion ad, CBS

The Focus on the Family ad slated to air on CBS during the Superbowl is a disturbing demonstration of irresponsibility on the part of the network and a reminder of the power of money to advance ideology. The Los Angeles Times does a stellar job of outlining the policy changes and financial circumstances leading to CBS' decision to air the ad, as well as the emotionally manipulative content of the ad, which features Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother. Where is the network's integrity? Focus on the Family claims that they are running the ad because "families need to be inspired." But this supposed inspiration of families will also function as oppression of the millions of women in America who are watching the Super Bowl or whose family members are watching it, being impressed upon to imagine abortions as murdered future Heisman Trophy winners. Such manipulation is condescending and ignorant of the multitude of real-life dilemmas facing women from all walks of life during unplanned pregnancies.

Come on, CBS. You have all the lucrative options in the world for ads to air for that 30 seconds that don't condemn a woman's legal right to an abortion. I know football is traditionally a man's game, but bulldozing a woman's right to choose is not a play you can run or a show you can put on during halftime, no matter how popular a player your quarterback is. Have some guts: DON'T run the Focus on the Family ad next Sunday.

Join NARAL's effort to petition CBS not to run its ad by visiting the national website. Tell them why you think it's unacceptable to run an anti-choice ad during the most-watched TV event of the year, during which the ads are nearly as much of a draw as the featured program itself. Tell CBS to stand up for women, and for you.

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