Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanks in part to Senators Dodd and Lieberman, Senate Version of Stupak DEFEATED!

The Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment that threatened women's access to abortion coverage was tabled yesterday in a 54-45 vote. It was the Senate's version of the Stupak amendment that passed in the House a month ago.

Our Connecticut Senators, Dodd and Lieberman, both voted in favor of tabling the amendment. Senator Dodd released the following statement on his website yesterday:
“I am a proud defender of a woman’s right to choose. This amendment represents an unprecedented – and, in my view, deeply unfair and regressive – assault on a woman’s right to choose. Health care reform is about strengthening patients’ ability to get the care they need from the doctor they choose. That should be a right for every American. And I will fight to preserve women’s ability to access the care they need.”

If you can, please write a letter or leave a message for our senators, thanking them for defending our right to choose. You can reach Senator Lieberman either at One Constitution Plaza, 7th Floor Hartford, CT 06103 pr by phone at (860) 549-8463. Senator Dodd's office is located at 30 Lewis St Suite 101 | Hartford, CT 06103 or you can call him at (860) 258-6940.

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