Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feminism & Voting

created by: Jillian
As a feminist, and a young woman, as a wife and a pro-choice voter, as a person who cares about a lot of things and thinks about each and every one of those things...I'm insulted.

I'm insulted that the McCain campaign would insinuate that women will vote for a woman based solely on her sex and for that matter that much of the discussion surrounding gender during this campaign has been reduced to women voting for women because they are women.

That isn't feminism and that isn't smart. Feminism is about having choices and making informed decisions. Wouldn't choosing a candidate based solely on their gender be in fact anti-feminist? I do believe so.

I'm going to vote for Obama because he actually discusses the issues I care about, not for a candidate who assumes that because I am a woman I must be an idiot.

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