Monday, April 6, 2009

Birth Control Pills for Men...

Created by: Jillian

Male contraceptive pills, patches, implants and creams may be available in 5 years or sooner.

My initial reaction is to be thrilled and think, "It's about time"...but then I immediately jump to questioning if giving men control over pregnancy prevention is a positive thing?

What are the pro's and cons? What do you think?

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Suzanne said...

If a man is honest with himself and says "I don't want kids right now", but doesn't want to have protected sex, or doesn't want to abstain from having sex, then he should subject himself to taking a pill or other form of birth control that us women have been taking for years. I don't think people full understand some of the cons of taking birth control - controlling our hormones and egss and all that for who knows how long, just to take that one extra measure so that men don't have to think about it?

Unfortunately, most men are not that mature to take birth control for men seriously - they put it on us females to take care of it all, like they do with most things in life. I'd like to see a man take ownership of this responsibility and follow-through, but realistically, I doubt it'll happen.