Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Created by: Jillian

There's just something about the word sexting... is it catchy? humorous?

I feel uncomfortable giving "the act of sending an indecent text message" such an adorable little name.

Apparently, of those who reportedly sent indecent pictures of themselves via text message, 71 percent of girls and 67 percent of boys said they sent content to a boyfriend or girlfriend, while 21 percent of the girls and 39 percent of the boys say they sent it to someone they wanted to date.

Yikes! I remember what it was like to want a guy to like you...wearing your best outfit, even going so far as trying to act a certain way because you assumed he might like you better...and I know that obviously, young women and young men throughout time have viewed sex as a prerequisite for getting a guy or girl to like you. many of us know, that isn't the best course of action for anyone involved.

I suppose I'm just overwhelmed that teens are sending nude photos of themselves via text message and for the most part, these news stories don't seem at all shocked or horrified...but instead have come up with the catchy little phrase...sexting.

Shouldn't we be asking ourselves why the teens of today think that by sending a nude photo of yourself, you can get a person to like you. Because if this is this is happening, can't we all assume that sexual acts are occurring as well?

And in a time when youth are not receiving sex education, so they have no way of protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs, shouldn't the least of our problems be what we are going to charge these children with legally, and more about them actually sending the "sext" message in the first place?

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