Friday, April 3, 2009

Upset About the Octomom?

Created by: Jillian

Many people were outraged over the Octomom, and if not outraged, most people felt something. I placed blame on fertility medicine...unregulated and out of control.

However, in reading Dr. Lorna Marshall's recent article, which highlights the medical standard of care developed by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, I am less likely to place blame on the medical profession and am more likely to express public concern over a fertility industry that is driven by the incredible desire of an individual to have a child.

While I completely agree with Dr. Marshall that impulse policies are not the solution...I do believe that we must do something. Multiple births, for the most part, are not healthy for the mother, for the child, and can be extremely costly to our society.

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NPCC said...

I would also agree that the physicians are to blame if they do not follow or choose to blatantly ignore the medical standard of care.